Our Work

EMcG Solutions is an innovative consultancy company. The services that EMcG solutions offer are related to:

  • Economic and SME Development;
  • Tourism and economic research;
  • Research and Analysis for the public and private sector;
  • Local, Central and European Funding (application and evaluation);
  • Business Planning and sustainable Financial Modelling;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Studies (project and programmes);
  • Building Competitive Strengths of the Public and Private Sector;
  • Technology and Knowledge Transfer
  • Economics, marketing regional data capture, and intervention impact analysis; and
  • Production of action orientated research reports.

EMcG Solutions undertake each research exercise by developing tailored methodological frameworks specific to each individual client’s requirements. Our research is conducted in collaboration with our clients incorporating the following techniques:

  • Baselining and benchmarking;
  • Scoping studies;
  • Production of analysis and recording documentation;
  • Identification of performance indicators -Input / output analysis;
  • SWOT analysis;
  • Statistical data manipulation;
  • Questionnaire & survey design, administration & analysis;
  • Key stakeholder interviews and consultation;
  • Public Consultation;
  • Company/ Project case-studies;
  • Seminars, workshops and focus groups.

EMcG Solution’s current market focus is the development and delivery of research and analysis to match client needs. Our target customers are typically the public sector; funding authorities; and SMEs. In the past 5 years EMcG Solutions has worked on over 30 appraisals and strategic plans; undertaken up-to-date regional and/or local area social, economic and situational analysis and strategic reviews across multiple sectors to identify profiles; trends; competitive advantage and geographical strengths; and links to National/Regional/ Local and EU Policies.

Strategic Direction: EMcG Solutions has extensive experience in research, analysis, evaluation and strategy development related to economic and tourism development. EMcG Solutions is highly committed to bringing state of the art research solutions to its clients and has a policy of constantly adding value to its client’s services. The company works within a research consultancy network throughout Ireland and across Europe