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EMcG Solutions Ltd

Public and Private Sector Consultancy

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EMcG Solutions

can help you achieve  your business and growth goals, through our superior knowledge and experience in what works in an ever-changing global market;

  • through a deep understanding of the successful exploitation of new ideas
  • a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit
  • creative problem solving and the highest levels of client service

Our Work

EMcG Solutions is an innovative consultancy company. The services that EMcG solutions offer are related to:

  • Economic and SME Development;
  • Tourism and economic research;
  • Research and Analysis for the public and private sector;
  • Local, Central and European Funding (application and evaluation);
  • Business Planning and sustainable Financial Modelling;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Studies (project and programmes);
  • Building Competitive Strengths of the Public and Private Sector;
  • Technology and Knowledge Transfer
  • Economics, marketing regional data capture, and intervention impact analysis; and
  • Production of action orientated research reports.

EMcG Solutions undertake each research exercise by developing tailored methodological frameworks specific to each individual client’s requirements. Our research is conducted in collaboration with our clients incorporating the following techniques:

  • Baselining and benchmarking;
  • Scoping studies;
  • Production of analysis and recording documentation;
  • Identification of performance indicators -Input / output analysis;
  • SWOT analysis;
  • Statistical data manipulation;
  • Questionnaire & survey design, administration & analysis;
  • Key stakeholder interviews and consultation;
  • Public Consultation;
  • Company/ Project case-studies;
  • Seminars, workshops and focus groups.

EMcG Solution’s current market focus is the development and delivery of research and analysis to match client needs. Our target customers are typically the public sector; funding authorities; and SMEs. In the past 5 years EMcG Solutions has worked on over 30 appraisals and strategic plans; undertaken up-to-date regional and/or local area social, economic and situational analysis and strategic reviews across multiple sectors to identify profiles; trends; competitive advantage and geographical strengths; and links to National/Regional/ Local and EU Policies.

Strategic Direction: EMcG Solutions has extensive experience in research, analysis, evaluation and strategy development related to economic and tourism development. EMcG Solutions is highly committed to bringing state of the art research solutions to its clients and has a policy of constantly adding value to its client’s services. The company works within a research consultancy network throughout Ireland and across Europe

Our Projects

EU Projects

EMcG Solutions has a wide range of experience with EU Projects in terms of evaluation, project management, identification of potential funding streams for clients and developing business cases to support funding proposals.

We have experience in Horizon 2020; FP7 Projects; INTERREG, PEACE, Rural Developoment Programme, ESF and ERDF. Project examples related to (INTERREG, PEACE, Rural Development Programme, ESF and ERDF) can be found within Tourism Projects and Evaluation and Strategy Development. 

EU Projects:

European Commission: – Horizon 2020 Evaluator (2014): Meeting SMEs “on the ground”
-H2020-INNOSUP-2014-1 call (INNOSUP-9 action).Call title: “Community building and competence development for SME Instrument coaching”. 

European Commission: – EU 7th Framework Evaluator (2013): Research for the Benefit of SMEs. The call supported partner networks to create a catalyst support ensuring that best ideas and best innovative SMEs in Europe achieve global reach through stimulating SME innovation and increasing SME commercialisation of research results. 

University of Ulster (2010-2012): MaPEeR 7th Framework Programme. Project manager Eileen McGloin, on behalf of the University of Ulster this was a 2 year programme of work Budget €140,000. The project aimed to increase SME participation in EU R&D programmes through overcoming barriers for innovation for SME’s; provided advice for SME R&D&I funding plans for Europe; assess the needs and expectations of SMEs;evaluated the impact of current programmes and initiatives;and facilitated policy dialogue between players at EU and national, regional levels (DG RTD, REGIO, EAC and ENTR, along with national and regional level) through the European Experts’ Panel on SMEs. This project involved each EU member state and Bosnia Herzegovina. EMcG Solutions was responsible for the Ireland, UK and Malta elements of the study and undertook evaluations of business development programmes 12 in the UK; 8 in Ireland and 7 in Malta. Extensive research and analysis was undertaken with SMEs the research to identify an in-depth analysis of SMEs characteristics (i.e. SME profiling); their needs and barriers to RTD linking them with the impacts, successes and failures of national business development programmes. 

University of Ulster COMTRAIL (2009): Development of a successful Northern Peripheries Programme Funding Application on behalf of COMTRAIL an initiative to provide sustainable health technologies and service innovations for the care of ageing people in rural regions. This project is a collaborative venture in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Finland and Sweden. 

University of Ulster TRAIL Laboratory (2009): Provision of services to assist the development of a successful funding submission for Living Labs Europe.

Evaluation and Strategy Development Projects

EMcG Solutions experience of delivering evaluation and strategy development projects for a range of public and private sector clients:

ICBAN (2014): Evaluation to inform ICBAN on how the Spatial Planning Initiative has proceeded presenting data on the: history and development; effectiveness of implementation; progress as per Letter of Offer; VFM; Consultation Review; and Recommendations on future actions/activity. The evaluation is also to consider the extent to which the Spatial Planning Initiative adds value to the ICBANS‘s strategic objectives and INTERREG Programme Targets.

Enterprise Northern Ireland (2014): – provided consultancy support in collaboration with PKF-FPM Accountants Limited to conduct an interim evaluation of the Exploring Enterprise2 Program. The evaluation considered the extent, to which the Exploring Enterprise2 Programme adds value to Enterprise Northern Ireland strategic objectives and the program targets of Priority 1, Helping People into Sustainable Employment, of the Northern Ireland European Social Fund (NIESF) 2007 – 2013. 

Centre for Cross Border Studies (2014): provided consultancy support in collaboration with MDR Consultants to conduct a feasibility Study and development of an Action Plan for the Agriculture, Food and Fish Processing Sector for the Border Development Zone which comprises of the Republic of Ireland (ROI) Counties of Louth, Monaghan, Cavan, Leitrim, Sligo and Donegal and the Northern Ireland Council areas of Derry, Strabane, Omagh, Fermanagh, Dungannon, Armagh, Newry & Mourne, Down, Banbridge, and Craigavon. 

InterTradeIreland (2013)
: Evaluated its Primary Sponsorship Activities the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) Awards 2004-2012 and the Irish Times InterTradeIreland All-island Innovation Awards 2009-2012.The recommendations informed InterTradeIreland around the extent to which the sponsorships represented value for money and contributed to the InterTradeIreland‘s strategic business objectives.

Leitrim County Council (2013): Developed the strategy for economic development for input into Leitrim’s County Development Plan 2015 – 2021. This identified a number of economic objectives, focusing on job creation and job sustainability across a number of key areas for development: infrastructure and access/ environment and heritage/ tourism/ transport and communications and social development etc. This was being developed in line with Local Government reform proposals which emphasised enhancements in the local authority role in relation to economic development and enterprise support. 

MRD Ltd. (2012): The Market Yard Centre Business Plan and Financial Analysis for the development of a proposition centered on Market Yard Centre, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim.

Bright Child Productions: (2011): A customer profiling initiative was undertaken in family; education -special needs, after school care and Early Intervention programs; and Clinical Hospitals, Justice, Social Services and Health Boards and practitioners such as psychotherapists, play specialists, art therapists, psychologists in Northern Ireland. The report highlighted the market potential, identified complexities related to the purchasing decisions process in childcare, public and private sectors in Northern Ireland. It identified potential routes to the market and growth opportunities in the Northern Ireland market. 

McElwaine SMART: (2011): Provide Telemedicine Systems which will allow more and more health monitoring services to be carried out remotely. An Industry Analysis; Market Analysis; Competitor Analysis (Direct and Indirect) and Customer profiling Initiative was undertaken in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK on behalf of SMART. The research reported on potential market development in Health, Social Services and Public Safety; General practitioners; Local health and social care groups; HSE; Community Health Centres; Retirement housing schemes for older people and Telecare and TeleHealth providers. 

Department of Education and Learning (2010 and 2011): In collaboration with PKK FPM Accountants Limited, evaluation of application and economic appraisals for the Regional Competitiveness and Employment Objective Northern Ireland ESF Programme 2007-2013. The Northern Ireland European Social Fund (ESF) programme support the regional strategy by extending employment opportunities and improving workforce skills and adaptability under the following Programme Priorities: Priority 1: Helping people into sustainable employment; Priority 2: Improving workforce skills; and  Priority 3: Technical Assistance. 

University of Ulster – School of Health Sciences (2010): provision of a review and recommendations associated with strategic policy on the use of ICT to support ageing in place. 

University of Ulster – Evaluation of NICENT (2010): NICENT was created as one of the 13 Science Enterprise Centres (SECs) in the UK. It was established a world-class centre that will stimulate and facilitate all aspects of the knowledge transfer process, from entrepreneurship education through to business creating. The review assisted the University to further develop the extent, quality and cost-effectiveness of its work to promote entrepreneurial new venturing and the commercialisation of research’, and ‘provided the basis for a bid to Invest NI to support such activities’. 

Southern Regional Colleges’ Greenshoots Newry & Business Development Centre; and Dundalk Institute of Technology (2010): Evaluated ‘Border Innovation Gateway’ Program – regional pilot cross-border pre-incubation program to stimulate new HPSU indigenous global enterprise creation. 

Evaluation of the Prince’s Trust TEAM Programme (2010): provided consultancy support in collaboration with PKF-FPM Accountants Limited to evaluate the effectiveness of Team Program and its impact on NEET young people; identified strengths and weaknesses in the current model of delivery; explored the causes of positive and negative outcomes. 

InterTradeIreland (2009)
: providing consultancy support in collaboration with MDR Consulting to review the Agri-food sector on island to identify opportunities to improve competitiveness with a focus on R&D, market development, competitiveness, food safety, energy, waste and capability development. 

University of Ulster – Office of Innovation (2009): Evaluation the current range of activities and analysed factors influencing technology / knowledge transfer and outlined recommendations to increase output; provided case studies on technology / knowledge transfer at NUI Galway & Lund University, Sweden; contributed to strategic vision and helped develop case for increased investment in Innovation. 

University of Limerick – Technology Transfer Office (2008): Evaluated current technology transfer procedures and developed comprehensive framework for future of technology transfer based on mapping of gaps in processes and procedures; developed recommendations for future planning and corporate governance procedures. 

InterTradeIreland (2008): providing consultancy support in collaboration with MDR Consulting to conduct the final evaluation of expertiseireland portal after five years operation in terms of effectiveness and impact of investment; extensive interview program with ILOs/Research Managers, agency/key stakeholder personnel and R&D active companies, both users and non-users; as well as online surveys with researchers & registered users. 

InterTradeIreland – Performance Management Review (2007)
: Specified value generated by companies participating in InterTradeIreland projects and presented basis for future value-aggregation; interviewed sample of the 133 program participants, reviewed performance monitoring structure and recommended improvements in monitoring and evaluation processes. 

NW Region Cross Border Group Programme (2007): providing consultancy support in collaboration with PKF-FPM Accountants Limited in the development of their multi annual action plan. This action plan was the business case which would form the basis of their application for Interreg IV funding for submission to SEUPB.

Tourism Projects

EMcG Solutions experience in research, analysis, action planning and strategy development related to the tourism and recreation sector: 

Oil Dunluce Castle Audience Development Plan (2014): Consultancy services to support Oli’s work in identifying how Dunluce Castle might benefit from future tourism opportunities and niche tourism offerings, including archaeological developments, wildlife and geography and geology. EMcG Solutions undertook filed work with users and non-users of Dunluce Castle to identify and assess the current audience experiences on the site and scope the full range of future tourism plans for the site.

Centre for Cross Border Studies (2014): Feasibility study for the development of an Action Plan for the Tourism and Recreation Sector for the Border Development Zone which comprises of the Republic of Ireland (ROI) Counties of Louth, Monaghan, Cavan, Leitrim, Sligo and Donegal and the Northern Ireland Council areas of Derry, Strabane, Omagh, Fermanagh, Dungannon, Armagh, Newry & Mourne, Down, Banbridge, and Craigavon. 

Leitrim County Council; Sligo County Council and Cavan County Council (2013): Development of the Recreational Business Case for the Northern Counties Greeenway 57.3km along the route of what was the Sligo, Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway. The business case was developed to support the application for the National Cycle Network Local Authority Funding Scheme 2014 – 2016

Leitrim Tourism Forum: Research and Analysis of the Tourism Sector in County Leitrim (2013)
: ‘Consultancy Services to complete comprehensive research and analysis on Tourism and the Tourism Sector in County Leitrim’ to contribute to the medium / long-term strategic plan for the tourism sector and interests in the County.

Cavan Monaghan Leader (2013): Consultancy Services to Support the Gathering Development Programme for Festival and Events in Counties Cavan and Monaghan. Researched the needs of 18 new and established festivals and events and promoted best practice through training and mentoring to meet those needs. It aimed to increase economic impact and sustainability of festivals and events through a coordinated approach to tourism.

Leitrim Tourism Forum (2012): Consultancy Services to Support the Development of local Festival and Events in County Leitrim. Facilitation of workshops to promote good practice in festival activity, to increase sustainability of festivals and events, increase cultural tourism and raise the profile of festivals in County Leitrim.

Leitrim County Council and Fermanagh District Council (2012): Preparation of a Stage One Application to INTERREG IV development of a tourism based cross border town enhancement project.

Fàilte Ireland North West; Leitrim Tourism and Drumsna Development Company (2012): Research and to establish a feasible and sustainable 5 year Academic, Operational and Marketing Plan for the future development and expansion of the Anthony Trollope International Summer School, Drumsna. The plan focused on integration and the wider heritage product/service offering in County Leitrim.

Glenfarne Community Development Trust (2010): Business Plan and Financial Analysis for the development of a tourism proposition centred on The Ballroom of Romance at Glenfarne. The research formed the basis of a successful funding application under the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013.

Leitrim County Council (2011): Research and identify options for feasible and sustainable models for the development of the mountaintop viewing area and lakeside walk at Glencar County Leitrim. Three viewing and walking area projects in Ireland were reviewed as part of this research Sliabh Liag, County Donegal; Guágan Barra Forest Park, County Cork; and Scalp Lookout Trail, Barnaslingan Wood, County Dublin.

Fàilte Ireland North West; Leitrim Tourism and Kiltyclogher Community Council (2011): Research to establish a feasible and sustainable 5 year Academic, Operational and Marketing Plan for the future development and expansion of the Seán Mac Diarmada Summer School in North Leitrim. The plan focused on integration and the wider heritage product/service offering in County Leitrim.

INTERREG IV 4 Economic Appraisals (2009): ‘Cross Border Development of Geopark ’, ‘The Cross Border Ecotourism Label’, ‘Angling Development Project’ ‘The Events and Festival Management Support Project’. EMcG solutions supported FPM LLP in developing these economic appraisals. The proposed projects offered a wide-range of activities for visitors to the ICBAN region and provided for destination development and regional tourism promotion.

Dr Eileen McGloin

Managing Director

Dr Eileen McGloin, the Managing Director of EMCG Solutions, has many years experience of Consultancy in the Public and Private sectors.

Before establishing EMcG Solutions Eileen’s career included working in a variety of management and professional roles for both public and private sectors. Eileen was a Senior Economist with DTZ Pieda Consulting; a Research Policy and Evaluations Manager with InterTradeIreland; and a Director of Programme Development with the Special EU Programmes Body.

Eileen has over fifteen years experience in European Funding, Feasibility Research and Analysis, Evaluation and Strategy Development. Eileen has gained experience of working with tourism and economic development agencies, local authorities, the community and voluntary sector and academic institutions on the island of Ireland in the design and implementation of their organisational strategies and operations.

Eileen holds a PhD in the Study of SMEs and their Capability in Supply to MNCs on island of Ireland; and a BA (Hons) Degree Business Enterprise Development from the University of Ulster; a Certificate and Diploma in Business Studies / Marketing from Letterkenny Institute of Technology; and a Graduate Diploma in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. She is a board member of Sólás an Educational Charity, based in Northern Ireland, supporting children’s additional needs; providing information in various formats on dyslexia, ASD and ADHD.